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Who is this "Tomato Lady?"

Jeanette "Tomato Lady" Crumpler was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, but moved to Wichita Falls when she was three months old and has been a "Texan" since. She was educated in Wichita Falls and Dallas schools, attended North Texas State University and SMU. In fact, she was the FIRST WOMAN SPORTS WRITER at SMU.

Ms. Crumpler has had articles published in magazines such as WEEKEND GARDENER, TEXAS GARDENER, GREENPRINTS, THE TOMATO CLUB, THE NEW GARDEN JOURNAL, THE WHITE ROCKER, and other periodicals. She has been profiled in the DALLAS MORNING NEWS and the WICHITA FALLS TIMES/RECORD NEWS and has been interviewed by Public Radio in Sacramento, California. She is an interpreter for the deaf and has written articles for the Dallas Alliance for the Mentally Ill (AMI), Disciples of Trinity (DOT) and other community groups and is currently Co-Editor of the DOT NEWSLETTER.

Ms. Crumpler is Co-Chairperson of DOT MOMS, a one-on-one counseling service for mothers who have lost children. Ms. Crumpler's two sons, Bruce and Dean, passed away some years ago.

She has also served as Publicist for the North Texas Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society and written articles for their newsletter. Ms. Crumpler has also written six books and two church histories and has contributed material to and appeared in the television production "Remember When, Memories of Old Dallas", which was produced and shown by KERA-TV, the Public Broadcasting System in Dallas. Her historical article on Dallas from the 1940s through the 1970s is archived with the Dallas Historical Society, and she wrote a Directory of Services for the Hearing-Impaired in Dallas and Tarrant Counties.

This longtime Dallas resident is an avid gardener and nature lover, raises many varieties of tomatoes, herbs, vegetables and flowers and has done seed trials for companies for over 35 years. She was on the National Gardening Association Test Panel for several years. Her areas of gardening expertise include how to raise plants from seedling to harvest, especially tomatoes, fish pond building for small backyards, herb growing, drying and cooking with herbs, making potpourris and herb mixes, best methods on making the most from small gardens including intensive gardening methods, raised beds, interplanting, companion planting and organic gardening. She has also written articles on how to amend the soil to produce the most in the Zone 8 area (Dallas/Ft. Worth) and what tomatoes grow best in that area. The Tomato Lady Speaks

Her book, THE LAKEWOOD STAR WALK AS SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF DOT, contains a history of the Lakewood Theatre, the historic 1927 Robert-Morton Theatre Organ currently housed in the theatre, the history of the Diener/Mills Building (which was formerly the Lakewood Branch of the Library), the Lakewood Commemorative Star Walk around the fountain in the plaza in front of the theatre, and the history of the Disciples of Trinity (DOT), a charity which serves more than 900 terminally ill clients, and the history of its founder and President, Jim Davis. This book is available through
P. O. Box 141091,
Dallas, Texas, 75214,
Phone: 214/826-4099.

Ms. Crumpler's latest book, Cumberton's Gold, was released in March 2010 and will be a wonderful addition to your library.

A novel filled with an insightful cast of characters that lead the reader through the wild and colorful history of Oklahoma and the rural heart of Cumberton during the 1930s through the 1950s…

Author Jeanette Howeth Crumpler’s Cumberton’s Gold is a collection of stories vividly representing a special group of people. These people come alive as they meet the problems of life amid their personal challenges. Like gold for coins, they are malleable and sometimes easily tarnished. But having been refined again and again in the crucible of life, when the dross is removed, they are poured out and stamped by life’s pressures, and most times, fine coins are the result.

This book also includes the author’s more than 30 years of interpreting for the deaf, volunteering in special classes and schools and from just working in a hospital setting for more than 11 years. Other experiences included knowing carnival people and hearing their stories, as well as having Doctors tell her case histories and give her articles concerning “special and different” people.

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