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Beautiful Music Radio
Stereo - Broadband - Dial-up
128K MP3 - 24K AAC+
The Airstream Network

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Airstream FM

Beautiful Music Radio
An Introduction

Way back in the olden days of the 1960s, popular music was on the AM band and was mostly Rock&Roll. In virtually every town or city, there was at least one "Beautiful Music" or "Easy Listening" radio station, usually on the static-free F.M. band. In most areas, the "Beautiful Music" station was ranked at number one and, occasionally, number two in the market, behind the local "rock" station. The static-free, high-fidelity, stereo sound of the F.M radio band, was the perfect showcase for Mancini, Mantovani and Melachrino, as well as the Knightsbridge Strings, the Romantic Strings, the Living Strings, Percy Faith, Paul Mauriat, Frank DeVol, James Last, Caravelli, Raymond Lefevre, Les Baxter, Ronnie Aldrich, Franck Pourcel and many other great orchestras and musicians.

I will never forget buying my first "AM-FM" Clock Radio so I could go to sleep by and awake with "beautiful music" instead of rock-and-roll. Over the years, the LP collection has grown so large that a small , multiple-story building could be wallpapered with it. It's time for the great music from these LPs to be played "on the air" so people everywhere can enjoy it as much as we do.

The "Beautiful Music" format consisted of mostly INSTRUMENTAL arrangements of pop tunes. As record labels began releasing fewer and fewer "beautiful music" recordings, several of the "beautiful-music" syndicators contracted with London and European orchestras to record new arrangements, helping to keep the broadcast sound fresh. Over the years, Airstream-FM has built a collection of 2000 LPs in very good to excellent condition. On Airstream-FM, you will enjoy the the warm sound of the black-vinyl records, with only a few CDs and virtually no syndicated music. You will hear beautiful instrumentals, loads of strings, flute and oboe solos and piano...just my style of that Great American Invention...ELEVATOR MUSIC...Beautiful Music!


The Origin of Airstream-FM

The roots of Airstream FM go back over forty years, even before the Internet or the World Wide Web. In the late 1960s, in a small, rural town, there were two fourteen-year old boys who discovered that they both had an interest in broadcasting and also both loved the Beautiful-Music format. They soon got together and "built" a 100-milliwatt A.M. radio station (now called a Part15 station), the only radio outlet in the county at that time. The two boys used the small station to develop their broadcast skills in programming and announcing.

The Beginning

Dave became a radio engineer, professional announcer, television producer, owner of another radio-station and a cable-TV system. It is his rich, resonant, radio-voice which is enjoyed daily as he plays beautiful music on Airstream FM. The other became a professional musician, conductor and entertainer, and is the founder and program-director of Airstream-FM.

Julie In The Evenings
Julie Cooke In The Evenings
The Music You Hear On Airstream-FM

The AirstreamFM - Beautiful Music Radio playlist is growing every week.

Most of the music you will hear on AirstreamFM has not been re-released on CD and probably never will. Although the Beautiful Music audience is very loyal, the music has taken a back-seat to more contemporary sounds. Record companies are in the business to make money, not to keep historical records, no matter how much they are treasured by a loyal few million people. Because of the passing of time, AirstreamFM wants to keep this wonderful music alive to be enjoyed by all.

Folks are talking about Airstream-FM...

"'Just found your site! 'Love the music!"
---George DeVault
A Discerning Listener

"I've been listening to your AirstreamFM broadcast online and I have to say I am quite impressed...I think you're doing an excellent job and I have bookmarked the URL for your stream."
---Keith Lake, Professional Broadcaster
"Somewhere in eastern NC USA"

"I loaded WinAmp from your webpage and so far I'm very pleased. So is my wife with her machine, as I did the same with her's.Now, we both have "your" music playing in the background all day long. Its great."
A Smart RVer
"My dad is 91 years old...We've been playing your station while he is here and I have to tell you... He just sits in a chair and listens, closes his eyes and we can see that he is dreaming of past times when he had a band of his own.
He stated, "That's the kind of music we used to play."
---Ken and Carrie
I wanted to say that you have the most beautiful internet radio station on the net...I cannot stop listening to it and I don't want to.
I love this type of music I never though I would find a stream like this
Liverpool UK
Airstream FM is playing the kind of music suitable for a dreary day like today...Love it!
Toronto, Canada
Just two words THANK YOU.
---Ron Baker

The Airstream Network

Airstream FM

Beautiful Music Radio
Stereo - Broadband - Dial-Up
128K MP3 - 24K AAC+

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Beautiful Music Radio - AirstreamFM
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